Roseland Deep Frame Hive


    Numerous versions of the horizontal, deep frame hive exist, based on the principles of the famous French 19th century beekeeper Georges de Layens.

     This type of horizontal hive is ideally suited to a more hands-off approach to beekeeping. The bees can be sustainably managed with minimal intervention to the brood nest and at the same time provide a modest crop of honey for personal use, conditions depending.

     The Roseland Deep Frame Hive is constructed primarily from western red cedar. It has high insulation properties, aided by the use of cork and a wool blanket, helping the bees to maintain a stable, all year-round, brood nest temperature.

     The hive includes 15 deep frames with a small wax starter strip on the top bars. The bees are left to build their own comb as they see fit. 

    The hive has an internal volume 80L.  A ‘follower’ board is incorporated with the frames to adjust the volume of the cavity as the colony develops.

     The base of the hive has a varroa mesh floor with 2 x sliding solid wood trays. This provides the option to monitor hive debris/varroa and also acts as a barrier from cold air/drafts

Roseland Deep Frame Hive.jpeg
RDFH Interior.jpeg
RDFH Follower Board.jpeg
RDFH Quilt.jpg
RDFH Frame.jpg