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                        Bees Know No Borders

Wahat al Salam Neve Shalom, the Oasis of Peace village in Israel, is the host of one of the most significant and unique projects – The Honey Path.
The aim of the project is to bring the two communities together through a common cause, ie beekeeping, reflecting the harmonic and social life of the bee into their own lives.
Simon Kellam became aware of the project after an inspiring presentation by Ziv Elyashiv and Rajai Hameed at the ‘Learning From The Bees Conference’ in Berlin 2019. The presentation touched the audience, inspiring Simon with the idea of donating an Eco Tree Hive to further their cause. With the help of the Natural Beekeeping Trust it was shipped out to Israel in Oct 2019. After its safe arrival, it was installed in a eucalyptus tree in the Eshtaol forest, close to the Israeli / Palestinian border. It didn’t take long for a swarm of bees to inhabit the hive.
The bees are now left to their own devices, unmanaged and untouched, demonstrating to all the onlookers and visitors to the nearby apiary, the natural harmonic life cycle of the bee. The bees know no borders!

Neve Shalom

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