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Layens Hive

Layens Hive


This modified Layens hive is based on the principles of the famous French 19th century beekeeper, Georges de Layens.

     The hive is constructed with a mix of British and Western Red Cedar and insulated with 15mm Wool Wood. It comes with 13 Layen Deep Frames, wax coated strarter strips and a divider board.

   The internal hive width is 1cm wider than the traditional version to allow interchanging with BS frames used by most beekeepers.

     This 2024 version comes with a hinged lid so there is lilttle lifting involved once the hive is in place.

No separate equipment is needed making this ideal for out apiaries and a more hands off approach to beekeeping.

 The Layens Hive :

  • 25mm British Cedar carcass
  • Total dimensions: 68cm W x 54cm H x 54cm D
  • Max internal volume 70L
  • Internal insulation 15mm Savolit Plus Wool Board 
  • 13 Layen frames & divider board
  • A split 'wool wood' crown board.
  • Hinged Phenolic Resin coated WBP hardwood ply roof
  • Pull ot tray
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