Layens Hive

Layens Hive


This modified Layens hive is based on the principles of the famous French 19th century beekeeper, Georges de Layens.

     The hive is constructed with additional insulation containing 12 Deep Frames and a divider board. The frames are extended BS Hoffman frames with a small wax starter strip on the top of each bar, leaving the bees to build their comb as they see fit.

     No separate equipment is needed so ideally suited for out apiaries and a more hands off approach to beekeeping.

 The Layens Hive.

  • 12mm Hardwood Ply carcase, Western Red Cedar framework
  • Total dimensions: 63cm W x 61cm H x 57cm D.
  • Exterior finish 20mm Secil Cork (
  • Internal insulation 15mm Savolit Plus Wool Board (
  • Enclosed with stiffened hessian cloth and a split 'wood wool' crown board.
  • Phenolic Resin coated WBP hardwood ply roof
  • Max Internal volume 80L adjustable with divider board as the colony expands.
  • The hive sits on a separate base with an integrated removable tray.