Roseland Deep Frame Hive

Roseland Deep Frame Hive


These Long Frame Hives are handmade to order.

     There are numerous versions of horizontal, deep frame hive designs around, based on the principles of the famous French 19th century beekeeper Georges de Layens.

     This type of horizontal hive is ideally suited to a more hands-off approach to beekeeping. The bees can be sustainably managed with minimal intervention to the brood nest and at the same time provide a modest crop of honey for personal use, conditions depending.

     With this type of bee husbandry it is important to use local bees, ideally from a swarm caught in the surrounding area. The bees should be left to their own devices, not treated with any form of miticides and left enough of their own stores to provide them with adequate food to see them through the winter.

     The Roseland Deep Frame Hive is constructed primarily with western red cedar. It has high insulation properties, aided with the use of cork and a wool blanket, helping the bees to maintain a stable, all year-round, brood nest temperature.

     The hive comes with 15 extended BS Hoffman frames with a small wax starter strip on the top of each bar. The bees are left to build their comb as they see fit, as opposed to the use of foundation sheets which restrict the bees to building a pre-determined cell size.

    The hive has a maximum internal volume 80L. A ‘follower’ board is incorporated within the cavity to place between the frames to adjust the volume as the colony develops.

     The base of the hive has a varroa mesh floor with 2 x sliding solid wood trays. These provide the option to monitor hive debris/varroa and also acts as a barrier from cold air/drafts