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May 2020 


     As we are all acutely aware, these have been unprecedented  times for the world we live in.

    Many people have suffered loss and hardship but nature still seems to carry on. In fact it seems to have been benefiting in many ways and I'm sure the bees have also experienced a positive effect.

     The swarm season seemed to kick off with a bang at the beginning of April, which is quite early. And they have been in abundance. Many of the log and tree hives that have been put up around the country have soon been occupied by natural swarms.

     Of the 11 I have put up recently, 8 have now been occupied already which is great news for both the owners and the bees.

     One owner quoted...'its the most amazing natural occurence I have ever seen' as he witnessed a swarm arrive to his tree hive.


Simon Kellam

Just Bee Eco Hives